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Georgi Code

A personal website including features such as projects gallery and blog.

Georgi Code


  • Uses Strapi (Headless CMS) to allow for easy content updates.
  • Section with featured projects on home page.
  • Contact form sending emails directly to the owner's email inbox.
  • Projects gallery with advanced features such as media gallery (images, video), special project details, related blog posts and more.
  • Blog with ability to relate posts to specific projects.


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Next.js
  • Strapi

Purpose & Goal

I worked on this project in order to gain more experience at website design. My main goal was to improve my ability to create visually appealing websites. I also wanted to get better at using Gatsby which I was a huge fan of at the time.

Home Page


During the development of this project I faced a huge amount of issues with Gatsby's documentation. It took me a week to do something that should've not taken longer than a day, but by then I had decided that I won't use Gatsby for any future projects. I was so tired of it that I chose to switch the whole project to Next.js.

Apart from that major issue the development of the rest of the website went smoothly. Deployment was really fun, since the client didn't want to pay for hosting, so I had to come up with a way for him to use his Strapi control panel without it being hosted.

Project Page

Lessons Learned

I learned two things from this project. Whenever using a new technology in a project do some research. Make sure that it is well documented, supported and if possible used by other people. This will make it easier for you in case you encounter a weird situation.

The other thing I learned was that when working with a client I have to listen to what they want. I had lots of cool ideas on how to make this website even better looking however the client didn't like them, so we had lots of back and forth until we decided what the end project was going to be like.