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Game Rating Website (GameR8)

A website in which I publish reviews of the games I've played.

Game Rating Website (GameR8)


  • Games are rated in 3 different categories. (Graphics, Gameplay & Story)
  • Game reviews summarizing the best parts of the game.
  • A number of high quality images showcasing each game.
  • A search functionality allowing users to search for a specific game.
  • PWA - Allowing it to be installed on desktop and mobile devices.


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Gatsby

Purpose & Goal

I wanted to built this project mainly to learn Gatsby. Before that I hadn't really used Gatsby, so creating a project from scratch without any of the Gatsby starters really helped me understand it better.

As to why I choose to built a game reviews website it is quite simple. I love playing games, but almost everytime I start a game I don’t finish it. My thinking is that having this website would help me finish more of the games I start playing.

Also having a live project that will continue to be updated in the future in my portfolio is a good idea.

Project Home Page


In this project I encountered a lot of problems for the first time. Things like SEO optimisation, generating sitemaps, speed optimisation, fixing bugs, accessibility optimisation and more. Encountering all these problems while developing the first version, but also adding features at a later point was hard, but I'm really happy that I dealt with them and learnt a lot about developing a real website and deploying it.

Some of my favourite features are the search functionality and the PWA functionality which allows for the website to be installed as an app on desktop and mobile devices.

Something else I'm really happy with is the way the website appears when sharing it on social media, etc.

Project Game Review Page

Lessons Learned

Since this was probably my biggest project I learned too many things to put here, but here are the most important ones:

  • When creating a design one should take into consideration how well the design would work with different users. Desktop devices, mobile devices, accessibility issues, etc.
  • Having a branch for development and a branch for deployment is crucial for bigger projects.
  • Keeping a project organised really helps when adding a feature of changing something later on.