Welcome to this thing which I'll call my blog. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on fancy features (for now), so it only has what it needs. It does use MDX which means that I can do some cool stuff with it, but my main focus will be the content.

Blog Purpose

The main purpose of this blog is going to be for me to share knowledge. I want to create tutorials on different web development topics which I struggled with in the past. It's probably gonna be a tough task especially since I'm still learning so much, but by trying to explain something in a simple and easy to understand way I myself will get a better undestanding of it.

I will also be able to post about anything else that I decide. (Hobbies, projects, etc.) Before I do that though I will implement a way of sorting the content by category, so it's easier to find what you're looking for.

This post

So why make this post when I could've spent the time on my first epic tutorial? Well... If you ever worked with Gatsby you'll know that sometimes you need placeholder content.

Anyways if any of the above sounded interesting maybe make a mental note of checking my blog in a month or so, hopefully by then I have some cool stuff for you to read.

Thanks for reading!